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D’Ornano + Co. offers buy-side and sell-side Transaction services for Private Equity funds and Corporations.

We cover the full spectrum of transaction services in finance, corporate, tax and IP, including buy-side due diligence, sell-side due diligence, business plan modelling and post-deal support. Our clients include France’s leading mid-market Private Equity funds and Corporations.

Due diligence is a key step to allow you to confirm (or reject) your investment thesis.

D’Ornano + Co. consultants critically assess the historical and forecasted financial information to confirm both the enterprise and equity value of the target company. D’Ornano + Co. lawyers help you prepare the negotiation of the price through a complete assessment of the legal risks at stake.

Our holistic approach and agile work processes go beyond the numbers to ensure perfect clarity and broader perspective in your decision-making.

We bring fresh thinking through the deep understanding of rapidly growing #tech-enabled, #innovative and #emerging businesses (and business models) derived from our experience on Venture Capital deals.

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