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The investment landscape is changing, with heightened expectations + higher risk than ever before. Investment relationships are changing as well. Target companies want more from their investors in enabling growth + removing friction. This shift is happening globally, generationally + technologically.

You need specialists around you whom you can trust to help you make that transition, so that you can focus on your evolving investment strategies + portfolio relationships.

As a next-generation firm, we are dedicated to serving you with trust, agility + responsiveness. A pioneer in combining financial + legal Transaction Services in one firm, D’Ornano + Co. meets the needs of today’s more competitive + complex investment opportunities. Our multi-disciplined transaction services yield more informed decisions + facilitate deal making.

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”

Lord Tennysson, Ulysses

I created the firm in 2015 with the conviction that a holistic approach in due diligence, combining law and finance, would give clients a different perspective whilst engaging in a Transaction. With hundreds of deals supported, we have set new standards.”

Raphaëlle d’Ornano

Managing Partner & Founder




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We started with a radical idea, that a holistic approach to transactions would bring more value. Today, complex client projects, deep industry knowledge and transatlantic capabilities define who we are. Explore what it means for your career.

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