Pioneering a new form
of financial, legal and ESG advisory.

To assess the intrinsic value and resilience of high-growth* and disruptive assets for global investors and entrepreneurs across the Private Markets.

* Companies that are growing quickly through new products, new technologies, and a rapidly growing end-product market

AboutD’Ornano + Co. is a global advisory firm pioneering Hybrid Growth Diligence.

Hybrid Growth Diligence is built on a proprietary data-driven methodology that leverages a sophisticated, cross-discipline expertise in finance, business law, customer dynamics, ESG, and a deep understanding of over 50 Tech, Tech-enabled and Net-Zero business models and industry verticals. This unique due diligence framework breaks down traditional silos to offer trustworthy business intelligence, enabling investors and management teams to correctly assess value of high-growth companies, identify hidden risks and opportunities, and develop adequate value-creation plans.

Working across all investment stages (from Early-stage to large-cap Buyouts), D’Ornano + Co. supports its clients globally and has hubs in Europe and North America.


We started with the will to bring different lenses to the investment community


Launch of our Hybrid Growth Diligence product


Services provided on a deal*


Tech Verticals Covered


Hubs in Paris and NY

* source: Pitchbook

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We are team players who collaborate with passion across offices to create innovative and tailor-made advisory products to meet the evolving needs of our clients.