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About Us

Setting Standards

Digitalization is everywhere. New business models are being created and traditional ones disrupted across practically all sectors, including Technology, Financial Services, Consumer, Healthcare, Business Services, etc. Only tech and tech-enabled companies can deliver sustainable growth in today’s world.

Every investor must become a Tech investor. Tech investment will no longer be limited to traditional investors, such as Venture Capital (VC) and Tech buyout firms, but will include various non-traditional investors, of which Private Equity firms and Companies, to seize this opportunity.

The new Tech paradigm imposes new rules and playbooks when considering an investment. The old model, based on economies of scale and experience curves, is over. It is now the era of data and tech disruption. Understanding tech businesses requires a forward-looking approach based on specific frameworks.

Decarbonization and Sustainability are everywhere. No company can grow over the long term without sustainability in mind.

Decarbonization is both an imperative and a once in a generation opportunity. Every investor needs to become a Sustainable Investor.

Sustainable growth also comes with a set new of metrics ensuring adherence to uncompromising ESG and DEI criteria. These Digitalization, Decarbonization, and Sustainability megatrends are shaping the private markets and require new lenses when analyzing investments. Private market investors are seeking distinctive and resilient businesses that seize the opportunity of these megatrends and deliver durable growth and value. Finding these “winning assets” will enable them to gain a first-mover advantage.

Our firm was built on the conviction that a new approach to due diligence is needed in this new investment paradigm. One that enables investors to tell the difference between a good and a bad company, to select the right deal, and to underwrite it, while moving in unchartered territories. One that brings unique business intelligence, provides comfort and that is delivered without compromising on speed or rigor. We call it Hybrid Growth Diligence and are proud to pioneer it.

LocationsA delivery structure conceived to be geographically limitless.

Having multiple global hubs enables D’Ornano + Co. to be border agnostic, operating on a truly global scale.

We complete assignments globally, with a focus on Europe and North America which represent a dominant share of our activity. While our Core Team members and Internal Experts are located in our Paris and New York hubs, our External Experts span multiple countries allowing us to have global coverage.

Values & Culture

A set of principles that determine how we act and who we are.

Our team members all act following these core principles.

DE&IA diverse team dedicated to make the change.

D’Ornano + Co. has a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, both through our people and through integration and quantification of DE&I risks in opportunities in our Hybrid Growth Diligence approach.


Putting ESG at the core of investment decisions

We believe that investment goals can be reached without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We are a proud signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment, an international initiative supported by the United Nations to promote a more sustainable global financial system.

We demonstrate our unwavering commitment to sustainability by blending E,S and G considerations with financial and legal assessment in our unique Hybrid Growth Diligence methodology based on the strictest standards at European and North American levels. This allows for integration and quantification of ESG risks in our client’s investment decisions.