D’Ornano + Co. has built a methodology – Hybrid Growth Diligence – for assessing the intrinsic value and resilience of high-growth and disruptive businesses across industry sectors.Methodology

An Asset-Based Approach

D’Ornano + Co. focuses on assessing Growth Assets, those requiring the capture of new metrics.

Growth Assets fall into two categories:

  • The “Disruptors”: Technology or Sustainability companies, driving the change towards the megatrends of Digitalization, Decarbonization and Sustainability.
  • The “Agile Incumbents”: Companies across all sectors of the economy who place these megatrends front and center in their business models.

These Growth Assets span multiple geographies, industry sectors, asset-classes (VC/PE/Infra/etc.) and development stages (Early-stage, Growth, Buyout, etc.).

The D’Ornano + Co. Playbook: a three step approach

The Hybrid Growth Diligence Playbook

The D’Ornano + Co. Playbook is at the core of our differentiated approach to due diligence for high-growth and disruptive companies. Specific to Growth Assets, it allows private market investors and strategic acquirers to understand the quality of a company’s growth and profitability trajectory, as well as the material legal and ESG risks.

D’Ornano + Co.’s methodology layers due diligence over a proprietary framework that determines relevant financial, operational, legal, and sustainability KPIs, benchmarking growth against expected development stages and supporting its client’s ability to uncover hidden risks and opportunities. Beyond due diligence, this strategic analysis helps asset managers monitor and refine portfolio companies’ trajectories and adequately transform business models, creating more value and delivering superior results at exit.

The D’Ornano + Co. Playbook is used across all our products offering to determine winning companies and make a positive impact for our clients. It uses a 3-step approach: