Tech: Path to growth

D’Ornano + Co. offers transaction services for VCs and CVCs investing in #Tech enabled businesses, with a focus on both #late stage and #emerging growth.

Due diligence is a critical step to validate your investment thesis, and to confirm the path to growth and profitability of the target.

D’Ornano + Co. consultants critically assess the historical and forecasted financial information through the analysis of financial and operational KPIs specific to each tech vertical (#SaaS, #Fintech, #Marketplaces, #HaaS, #IoT, etc.), using proprietary dashboards derived from the best industry practices at public and VC-backed tech companies.

D’Ornano + Co. lawyers help your lawyers negotiate Reps and Warranties through a complete assessment of the legal risks at stake.

We cover the full spectrum of transaction services in the fields of finance, corporate, tax and IP, addressing buy-side due diligence, sell-side due diligence, business plan modelling and follow-on support. Our clients include Tier 1 French, UK and US Venture Capitalists and Corporate Venture Capitalists.

We respond to heightened expectations in due diligence at #late stage and #emerging growth phases, derived from our experience on Private Equity deals.

Our holistic approach and agile work processes, foster targeted and in-depth interactions with the company. This not only ensures quick responses, but also sets the stage for your further financial + legal reporting requirements as Board members.

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